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CMD is currently drilling boreholes and installing motorized water tanks in Ayod town

The CMD Objective

Fighting poverty, extreme hunger, illiteracy and injustices to reduce human suffering and enhance community livelihoods read more

What we do

Our Work is Focused on Seven Thematic Programs


Education & Child Protection

Education and child protection is one of CMD’s main thematic areas and play a critical role in protecting children and promoting their well-being. Read more >


Nutrition Program

The humanitarian situation in South Sudan is worsening. People’s humanitarian needs continue to rise, driven by cumulative and compounding... Read more >

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Food Security & Livelihoods

Food security in South Sudan is likely to deteriorate to unprecedented levels, with thousands of people at risk of famine Read more >


Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution

Peacebuilding and conflict resolution are important topics in many areas of life, including personal relationships, communities... Read more >


Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Improved health and socio-economic well-being of communities by reducing incidences of water and sanitation-related diseases. Read more >


Healthcare Program

Contribute to the reduction of mortality and morbidity rates through health education and quality healthcare service provision to communities in South... Read more >


General Protection & GBV 

South Sudan is primarily a protection crisis. Since 2013, the population has been exposed to repeated deliberate attacks... Read more >

Our Donors & Partners

We proudly acknowledge and appreciates continued partnership and support with below listed partners, both local and international relief and development actors, Government line ministries, institutions, faith-based and community-based organizations with whom we share a common goal.

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