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Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Message from Bishop Thomas Tut Gany

Portrait of Bishop Thomas Tut Gany

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Christian Mission for Development (CMD)’s third long term “Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027”. This strategic plan, represents CMD board’s and management’s aspirations as a National NGO for the next five (5) years. The strategic plan provides a roadmap for the future, setting out the key priorities and the actions necessary to achieve sustainable growth and impact in our areas of operations. Since the establishment and registration of CMD in 2005, the board and management have made significant achievements such as the establishment of essential departments, annual audits and standard policies of a vibrant NGO.

With this, CMD is so humbled to have made significant strides in building community resilience to mitigate the risks that expose communities to suffering by improving livelihoods, healthcare, education, nutrition, WASH, peace building and community cohesion to mention just a few. However, aware of the challenging operating environment in which CMD operates, we as a board and management must plan now, to work even harder for a sustainable organization in order to ensure continued progress towards achieving our set “Vision, Mission and Mandate” as an organization.

The focus of this “Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027” is on building the strong departments required to promote a transparent and accountable CMD and improving capacity at all levels of the organization. The results achieved from the last year 5 years Strategic Plan 2018-2022 are not only encouraging but also surpassed the targets in some areas albeit with some challenges in other areas. Worth noting is that the “COVID-19 pandemic” came at a time when CMD like all other institutions were unprepared. This significantly and negatively affected the already approved budgets by donors for projects implementation and created the need to raise funds to prevent the spread and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 to our staff and beneficiaries.


This Strategic plan process was very participatory and involved all the stakeholders from CMD. The key stakeholders who were participants in the strategic planning and development process included members of the board of directors, management and program staff. CMD’s strategic plan is intended to serve as a guideline implementation of the organization’s Vision, Mission, Mandate and Programs. It is therefore incumbent upon the board and management to continuously monitor and evaluate the progress of the implementation in the context of the defined programs and collection of information to assess the progress made and work done periodially and plan accordingly. The strategy will also be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Senior Management Team, Board of Directors and staff.

Finally, I wish to take this opportunity to once again thank the board members and management of CMD for taking part in this very important strategic planning process that has paved way for the realization of this Strategic Plan 2023 - 2027, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes to our donors for providing the resources for the development of the Strategic Plan and Jason Muchiri Nyaga the Consultant who on short notice worked to ensure it captures the long term aspirations of CMD.

Many Thanks and may God bless you



Rt. Rev’d. Thomas Tut Gany

Founder & Executive Director

Christian Mission for Development (CMD)

Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Download the full pdf for the Strategic Plan 2023-2027

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