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Healthcare Program

Healthcare and health systems in South Sudan are faced with great challenges. More than five million people in South Sudan need humanitarian healthcare services. Most health facilities are not functioning and those that are provide minimal services due to drug and staff shortages. Children under age 5 are particularly vulnerable to disease, including due to the low level of routine immunization uptake and their already weakened state. Women face serious health risks throughout their life cycle. Survivors of gender-based violence have inadequate access to services and women have inadequate access to skilled personnel during pregnancy and childbirth.

As the conflict has spread and the economic crisis has deepened, people with HIV/AIDS or TB have become cut-off from life-saving treatment in the ten (10) States and three (3) Administrative Areas. South Sudan faces highly endemic communicable diseases, with persistent outbreaks of cholera, measles, malaria, hepatitis B & E and kala-azar affecting large parts of the country due to poor living conditions, poor sanitation and overcrowding. Malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea and pneumonia are the top reasons of outpatient consultations.

In response to these, CMD will focus on the following goal and strategies:

Strategic Goal

Contributes to “reduction of mortality and morbidity rates through timely quality health care services to communities”


  1. Preventive & health promotion services: Promote prevention by creating awareness on disease outbreak, disaster preparedness and preventive measures.

  2. Curative services: Enhance quality health care services and create awareness and early diagnosis and treatment

  3. Rehabilitation of existing facilities and establishment of new facilities. Rehabilitate existing facilities, establishment of more PHCCs and PHCUs and Referral Hospital

  4. Sexual and Reproductive health interventions: Reduce maternal and neonatal death through Comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care (CEmoNC) Basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care (BMoNC) quality services.

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