Mission & Vision

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Our Vision

“CMD envisions empowered, holistically transformed and economically self-reliant communities growing in unity and diversity ”

Our Mission

“CMD exists to inspire, empower and transform communities through the provision of holistic social services while strengthening resilience for self-reliance”

Our Core Values

We hold ourselves accountable to our “Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives”; these are the essence of our internal interactions, and form the foundation for our engagements locally, nationally, and globally. Our successes are measured not only by CMD performance but also, and more importantly, by its impact and beneficiaries. To be successful, CMD must remain distinctive, maximize our comparative advantages, and ensure our culture exemplifies our values. The organization endeavors to uphold a set of “core values” to guide all its undertaking. These values include but not limited to:
  • Transparency and Accountability: CMD values openness in a selection of staff, timely payment of staff and suppliers, a fair selection of clients/ bidders, timely procurement and implementation, timely reporting to donors, and stakeholders’ involvement with openness.
  • Service: CMD is founded on Christian principles of love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, faithfulness, honesty, self-control, hope, order, and commitment in the service of God and humanity. In its work, the organization embraces the model of “Jesus Christ” who came not to be served but to serves. At all times, we seek to honor God by quality service delivery.
  • Equity and equality: CMD believes that people with different needs belong to the community and have equal access to human and financial resources without discrimination. The organization is committed to respecting rights; including women, children, and vulnerable individuals’ rights within our society in service delivery.
  • Respect: CMD upholds respect values within its staff and stakeholders, which includes: beneficiaries, donors, and authorities. This is evidenced by our respect for agreements and compliance with systems and procedures.
  • Professionalism: CMD believes in recruiting and retaining qualified staff, quality service delivery, continuous learning, skills development, and change management
  • Integrity: The organization believes in wholeness in service delivery, character, uprightness, and practicing honesty in day today deeds.
  • Unity and Diversity: CMD affirms the importance of unity with the diversity of race, religion, gender, and languages in its staff, partners, communities, and among all people.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to support relief and development assistance in South Sudan and expand operations in the East Africa region and the continent of Africa to provide holistic social services to vulnerable communities toward achievement of – Sustainable Development Goals” 
  • Strengthening capacities of communities for self-reliance
  • Economic and social development initiatives for vulnerable children, youth, and women.
  • Responding to community needs during emergencies, recovery, and development.
  • Engaging key stakeholders at all levels in policy formulation, implementation, and advocacy
  • Addressing discrimination and violence in all its forms against women, children, and men
  • Pursuing our mission with integrity, excellence, and compassion in service delivery