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How School Feeding has Changed Attitudes of Young Learners

Maluit Duop Yong lives in Tharwang, about 30 minutes from Kopout Primary School where he studies. He is 9 years old and survives only with a single parent after his mother died just when he was five. His family is poor; his mother absent and the father weak and unable to meet the household food needs alongside that of four other siblings. In class one, he is one of the beneficiaries of emergency feeding project being implemented by Christian Mission for Development (CMD) supported by funds from South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) A hungry stomach, difficult conditions back home and a broken heart is how he describes his experience before the cereal meal now served at school.

“I walk a long way to school every morning without breakfast. We cannot afford it and my father is never home most of the time. My brothers are too little and I feel sorry for them.”

Maluit is among the 750 children who continue to benefit from lunch meals served at the center school. Together with his brother, 6, they have been actively participating in school activities since the project was kick-started about a month ago. “It has helped me focus in class. I don’t feel much hungry during school days as I used to before. Most importantly, I can now stay in school the whole day, everyday, work hard to be a good person. I want to help my father”He now hopes for an improved school community and that the program goes a long way to help them solve the problems of malnutrition and hunger after prolonged droughts and decades of fighting that interrupts efforts to do farming in the community

Annual Projects Report

Download the annual projects report and see the work we have been doing for yourself.

Current Projects

With projected increased funding, CMD has a large number of new projects to be carried out as well as consolidate on all the running and completed ones. CMD has also brought on board other partners including USAID and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help achieve its mandate and transform lives as we empower the communities.

With a projected budget of approximately 5.1 million dollars, CMD has a number of projects lined up for 2018.

Under Education in Emergency, CMD plans to expand educational activities in the year 2018 with an increased target of over 40,000 (40% female). More schools will be set up in both Ayod and Ulang and even to support schools at Kapoeta. CMD will intensify community mobilization on the importance of education and increase enrollment and retention of learners.

By intensifying awareness on education, School Clubs will be formed, and in these clubs, we’re going to have them do visits and campaigns on the importance of education and more specific girls education.

CMD will focus on improved girls education by collaborating with partners who will give support to adolescent girls like GESS/FH. Communications have already been initiated and CMD hopes enrollment and registration at Ayod will be done soon before Feb/2018 and training for the Teachers, PTAs/SMCs will follow. 

Still on the improvement of girls’ enrollment, CMD will increase the number of females’ participation in school activities, employment of female teachers especially in the lower classes, those who are identified to know how to read and write vernacular will be employed.

CMD aims at improving the learning spaces by establishing semi-permanent structures with desks to create comfort during learning and improved concentration.

Under Food Security and Livelihood, CMD plans to secure funding for 5 counties in South Sudan from SSHF, FAO, and other partners. The activities planned to be implemented range from, training of farmers, distribution of farm inputs and tools, livestock health provision and training of CAHWs in the respective areas, improved vegetable and crop farming practices, diversified agricultural practices; beekeeping and natural resource management and environmental protection activities, CMD intends to secure 500,000USD to fund this activities in the year 2018.

Under the Health program, CMD will set out to provide emergency Primary Healthcare Services to internally displaced persons and vulnerable host communities. CMD plans to achieve this by providing the much-needed health care services including referrals, and by equipping the community to withstand health-related challenges by improving access to essential health care for conflict-affected and vulnerable populations through prevention, detection and response to disease outbreaks. The quality of healthcare will be improved by ensuring essential Clinical health services and implemented with dignity targeting specific needs of vulnerable populations and with improved access to psychosocial support and mental health services.

Under the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), CMD plans to continue with the provision of clean, safe and adequate quantities of water. More boreholes will be constructed and the damaged ones rehabilitated.

CMD will carry out Hygiene promotion campaigns, provide gender-segregated sanitation facilities (bathrooms/ latrines) among other activities.

CMD has introduced two more Programs in 2018. These are Nutrition, which will run independently as a program separate from Health, and Protection and Peace Building. These will have projects as per the funds budgeted. CMD hopes to secure the necessary funds to run these projects so as to better the lives of the community.

Geographical Coverage

Our Coverage:

We serve the whole of South Sudan and our areas of concentration are poverty-stricken and war torn regions. 

Here is a map of our coverage

Juba Office

HeadQuarters, Juba South Sudan.

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