Goals and Objectives

Through the analysis and self-introspection, CMD identified the following “seven key goals and objectives”:

Institutional growth and development:

Effective governance and management systems

Education and Child Protection:

Promote safe, inclusive access, retention and transition of children in school through early childhood development, primary, accelerated learning programme and secondary school’s education programmes.  

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:

Improved health and socio-economic well-beings of communities by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation-related diseases through instilling sustainable safe water, sanitation, and hygienic practices that enhance behavioral changes.

Healthcare Programme:

Contribute to reduction of mortality and morbidity rate through quality healthcare services delivery to communities.

Food Security and Livelihoods:

Improved food security and livelihoods among communities through crops, horticulture production, livestock health, production, fishing and resilience initiatives to enhance self-reliance.


Contribute to reduction of malnutrition rate among children under 5 years, lactating mothers and PLWAs through targeted feeding and treatment programmes.

Protection and Peace Building:

Promote protection, conflict resolutions, peace building and reconciliation programmes in the communities.

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