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Christian Mission for Development (CMD) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, multi-sectoral relief and development organization dedicated to fighting poverty and injustices to reduce human suffering and enhances communities’ livelihoods. CMD was established in the year 2005 and has been in operations, mitigating suffering through provision of lifesaving assistance and holistic social services to most vulnerable communities focusing especially on women, children and youth initiatives; equipping people with skills, knowledge and helps communities rebuild their lives and restore hope through resilient building programmes.

To make tangible impact, CMD works in collaboration with others to build resilient communities with hope to become self-sufficient, and to increase pool of community facilitators with a zeal to transform the wider society out of extreme poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases, and to improve social amenities, welfare and economic livelihoods.

Over the past years, CMD has established strong organizational policies and management standards. These include a state of the art human resource, financial and procurement management policies that are continuously reviewed with active participation and inputs of CMD staffs, beneficiaries, experts and donors. Staffs have opportunities for furthering their careers through both in-house trainings and sponsorship abroad that equip them with the necessary expertise and skills to deliver on their mandate.

Since then, the organization has increased its capability with an increase in staff, partners and volunteers to match the increase in its programmes and projects as it spreads widely to different parts of East Africa region. CMD activities have attracted several partnerships with both Local and International relief and development actors, Government line ministries, institutions and individuals with whom we share common goals.

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For any PSEA related issue, we are here to help. Please call our 24/7 hotline number: +211 912 888 555
South Sudan: +211 927 888 555
Kenya: +254 715 888 555

CMD is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, multi-sectoral relief and development organization (CMD South Sudan Charity Reg. No RRC-216)

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